Education Week 2016: Trends

Trends In Education Week 2016

From we have witnessed the Education Week 2016 hold in Ifema(Madrid, Spain), an annual competition that includes several initiatives focused on knowledge: Aula (International Student Hall) Postgraduate Forum, Interdidac(International Exhibition of educational materials) and Resources for education,ExpoRRHH and Expoelearning, the last one organized by AEFOL.

Here is a list of the industry trends for 2016:

  • 70:20:10 Model. 
    What is the 70:20:10 model? 70% of professional learning comes from experience and practice in the workplace (learning by doing), 20% is acquired through exchange and feedback with others (social learning), and the remaining 10 % comes from structured courses and programs. In the Spanish market, the training model that has been followed so far is the opposite: 70% of structured training, 20% through learning by doing and 10% by social learning is given. It is necessary to reverse this business practice to adapt the model.
  • Virtual Reality. 
    Virtual reality applied to learning (using 3D glasses); Personalized learningthrough immersive environments; Augmented Reality (overlaid real-time information, for example in artistic monuments).
  • Flipped Learning. 
    Flipped learning, or learning by doing (experiential learning).
  • AI, IoT, Big Data, etc.
    Internet Of Things (IoT); artificial intelligence (AI); Big Data; monitoring (feedback) of real time performance, efficiency, time efficiency… (eg. In sports performance, for real-time improvements).
  • Simulations. 
    Simulations of experiences; Business simulators; skills simulators; sequential learning through training; crash simulation (eg, aviation).
  • Gamification. 
    An example of gamification: The application of games in the classroom that students create by themselves, with the ability to challenge others.
  • MOOCs. 
    MOOCs applied to corporate knowledge (COOCs or Corporate Open Online Course) -learning in video pills in “edutainment” format generated specifically for an organization – (eg Dadone corporate training).
  • Learning Management Systems.
    Regulation of the characteristics of Learning Management Systems and online courses to be accepted by the Tripartite Foundation (based on aspects like course structure, interactivity screens, traceability of students, assessment templates, etc).
  • Learning Analytics. 
    Learning analytics for obtaining predictions about learning outcomes, reorganization, and optimization of resources to enhance the participation of all stakeholders in the learning process, streamlining processes and achieving the raised educational objectives through verifiable data.
  • TinCanAPI. 
    TinCanAPI focused on processing actions for mobile learning and smart wearables, against Scorm models, focused on the process of training objectives, as platform standards and online content.

In addition to these subjects expressed in several presentations in Education Week 2016, the fair has accommodated many booths occupied by some of the most representative companies in the educational, training and knowledge management sector. We talked to some of them about their current offer and here are the results obtained:

  1. Children Education. 
    We interviewed Cerebriti, a startup focused on gamifying the learning experience in the classroom. This is how they describe themselves: “”Cerebriti is a platform where you can transform any educational content in a game in two minutes and without programming. We have a platform through which, by very simple to use templates, normal content becomes digital content. They are like forms. We have ten different “forms”, for example, to create a game of “matching”, of “click on the right answer”, multi response test, mute maps, hot areas, diagrams…” We talked toCeapa (Confederación Española de Asociaciones de Padres y Madres del Alumnado – Spanish Confederation of Associations of Parents of Students). “”We head to federations; we have 43 federations, which in turn, among all, are more than 11,000 Parents Associations. Our information is sent to federations, and the federations of each territory send it to the Parents Associations. We are in all the national territory, we are mostly public institutions, although some federations include concerted schools”, they explain. See more about children education in Education Week 2016 here.
  2. Graduate Certificates. 
    We got t to know the opinion of different students about the graduate offer in Spain. We also had the chance to talk to the communication responsible of some of the main graduate schools in Spain, as well as other interesting offers and commodities for students, such as ISIC, the international Student Card, or theEuropean University, focused on interdisciplinary learning; Universia, with a long MOOC offer; U-tad, focused on new technologies and digital art. See more about graduate certificates in Education Week 2016 here.
  3. Specialized Training. 
    We had the chance to get to know the training offer of the European Airlines Training Center, dedicated to the aeronautic training. We also met IED, a superior design center which offers courses in design in four key areas: fashion design, product design, interior design and graphic design. With the Confucius Institute, we learnt about the promotion of teaching of Chinese language. They are offering both classroom courses and distance learning courses to obtain international certificates. At Obicex, we found out about the long life learning offer to unemployed senior professionals willing to get into the ICT sector, with a training cycle of Augmented Reality and gamification. See more about specialized training in Education Week 2016 here.
  4. Corporate Training For Companies. 
    The corporate training offer was presented by Homuork, specialized on the development of private MOOCs for companies. See more about corporate training in Education Week 2016 here.

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