Mision, Vision and Ethic Code

Our mission

Is to develop initiatives where everyone interested on innovation, ed-tech, open knowledge and free learning can find and share resources, information, experiences and needs, in order to create a living net that helps participants to keep on constant growth and collaborative improvement.

Our vision

We believe in a global net society without barriers, where everyone get free and open access to knowklegde, culture and learning in a cooperative way.

Our Ethic Code

LearningLovers.org does not depend on any private or public institution of any kind and it is devoted to the information disclosure of innovation and new technologies incorporated to education, training and knowledge management.

LearningLovers.org works under the value of respect to any religious, political, cultural or ethnical group or tendency, giving the chance to promote innovation and new technologies applied to knowledge to any institution, group or individual that accomplish the current laws and does not intend to use this media to apologist any concrete ideological or religious concrete tendency.

LearningLovers.org does not obtain any advantage or reward from those free and open content providers that are selected in our content curator task to fulfill the Knopen Project. All contents are selected due to their quality and free and open distribution.

LearningLovers.org observes the Spanish legislation regarding non profit associations, which is regulated by the following laws: