Multimedia edition resources such as content, events, infographics and courses, as well as editing apps & tools, social nets, media and legislation for multimedia designers:


028Content: e-books, e-TalksEvents, GlossaryInfographics, Courses, PresentationsReports and Resources (ColoursFontsGraphicsIconsIllustrationsMapsMockupsMusicPatternsPhotosTemplatesTexturesVectorsVideosVoices and Websites designs) to create and develop your best multimedia designs.


174Apps & tools for content, image, animation, 3D, AR & VR editionsound and video edition and security files saving and cloud sharing.


033Media: Multimedia design Websites, Radio and Digital media to keep updated.



Social nets: Blogs, Communities, Networks and wikis to keep networking, participating and sharing your knowledge.


003Institutions: Foundations and Organizations to choose the best projects available for you.


144Legislation: International legislation related to CopyrightsCreative Commons, Education, Higher education and Lifelong learning.


017Funds for creative projects, to reach all designers.


067Job search engines: Are you looking for a new job opportunity? Visit the Job search engines specialized on learning.


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