Leticia Lafuente López at LearningLovers.org headquarters.

After sharing impressions with more than 50 professionals focused on the learning sector worldwide, some way or another they have always got to a common meeting point: Innovation and technology are very high developed in other sectors, but in Education is just starting now and there is a long way to go.

We could not agree more: LearningLovers.org association is working to face one main challenge: to disseminate the incorporation of innovation and new technologies in education, learning and general knowledge. To do so, we have launched different online projects, all of them available on this site:

  • DIGITAL CURATION, focused on the dissemination of free and open learning resources available in internet, catalogued by subject and profile;
  • DIGITAL MAGAZINE, were we meet the main innovators of the learning sector to share their main clues, added value and future trends;
  • and DIGITAL LEARNING, were we have the challenge to develop a free online course about innovation&tech applied to education.

We want learners to have free quality learning resources at one click; we want decision makers at L&D to get easily updated, so they know what is the last trend to be incorporated in their companies; and we want teach professionals to be prepared to develop innovative learning content and strategies.

We have the strong believe that focusing on a more open, up to date and innovative learning will help people to make the most of their lives, no matter their age, social status, gender, cultural background or religion.


Leticia Lafuente López