We do a daily selection of the best resources, contents, face to face courses, elearning, moocs, apps and tools, institutions (schools, universities, organizations and training centers), social nets and scholarships available online to help learners reaching their goals for free. You will find all this information organized by categories and tagged by subject. English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese resources available:


080Apps & tools: To help you keep learning and sharing knowledge, to download in your devices for free: Comprehension, Edu games, AR & VRGlossaries, Learning strategies, Multimedia edition, 3D EditionOrganizers, Planning, Platforms, Programming, Q&A, Test & Activities, SharingSearch engines, Text Edition and Formulas.


019Free learning content: A selection free Courses, e-books, e-TalksInfographics, Open Events and other Resources.


072Social Nets: Blogs, Communities, NetworksWalls and Wikis created by other users to share their knowledge with you.


033Media: Digital Media, TV and Websites to keep informed.


003Institutions: Associations, FoundationsOrganizations and Training centers to choose the best available options for you.


017Scholarships for learners, to reach all your goals.



Projects: Initiatives to promote teaching.


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