Education Week 2016: Specialized Training

Specialized Training In Education Week 2016

The Education Week 2016 has accommodated many booths occupied by some of the most representative companies in the education sector, specialized training, and knowledge management. We talked to some of them about their current offer of specialized training and here we show the results.

European Airlines Training Center

Insight from European Airlines Training Center:

“We are dedicated to the aeronautic training. We are several companies that cover from technical maintenance of the ship, helicopters and drones, and the School of crew cabin, we are licensed and certified by the State Aviation Safety Agency, and we have facilities that are the best in Europe: We have a simulator of fire and smoke, a simulator of a full scale 3 20 airbus with all the emergency materials and all kinds of emergency situations that may occur on a plane. We facilitate crew cabin attestation, which is issued by the Ministry of Development through the State Agency for Safety Aviation. They pass a theoretical course and practical specialized training, with which they get an official certificate to fly to Europe at any company level.”

European Airlines training center

European Airlines training center

Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED)

Insight from IED: 

Istituto Europeo di Design

Istituto Europeo di Design

“We are a superior design center. We are in the Gran Via in Madrid, on Calle Flor Alta, and we offer courses in design in four key areas: fashion design, product design, interior design and graphic design. Everything that is in this exhibition is made by students, from the stand to all audiovisual projects, all merchandising, line graph… We invite all students to work with real projects so they feel their work is valued.”

“On the other hand, we hold workshops with professionals who are linking students and preparing them for the workplace, and what we want is that the designer progresses. Another of our offices we opened in 2015 is called the FabLab. Is where we have our technological machinery of 3D printers, laser cutting machines…”



“What we want with this stand is to explain very quickly what does each designer do. For example, the graphic designer does everything that is illustration, drawing up, and the audiovisual projects displays. Fashion designer creates dresses with our fashion mannequins, which just won an awards at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. The interior designer creates the stand itself and the canvas explaining the projects of each student, which are made by themselves.”

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Confucius Institute

Insight from the Confucius Institute:

“We are the headquarters of the Confucius Institute. What we do is to promote the teaching of Chinese language. What we are offering is both classroom courses and distance learning courses. We certify different levels of Chinese. These are international certificates. We get people prepared for these exams. Students can apply for scholarships and we also manage summer camps during 13 or 15 days. We also support other centers that are teaching Chinese language with teaching materials and teachers.”

“We also have a part of culture. Yes it is true that we are more immersed in the subject of education, but we do have a small part of culture. Right now, there are many companies who are interested in learning Chinese, because as there are many businesses in relation to China, they need a little protocol notions. There is a certificate, an examination of Chinese, BCT, which is more focused on business subject, and it also includes the part of protocol.”

“We cover all ages, from 3 years old children to elderly people. The courses cover both writing and speech; in businesses, the goal is to speak fluently. Most of our teachers today are native. There are also Spanish teachers; while they are having their Chinese certificates, of course.”

“The Chinese language has been booming for several years. This language is quite engaging, because as it is so different from Western culture, the truth is that it engages a lot.”

“Among the Chinese certificates, the Chinese exams, there is one called the HSKK, that has six levels. For level one, there are about 35-40 hours of dedication to overcome it. The complication comes from the third level, because that’s where the phonetic transcription, called pinyin, disappears, which is what you need abroad to learn the language. From there on, it takes quite some time to keep learning. For a more or less fluid conversation, which would be a HSKK 4 level, it would take a four or five years period to function”.


Insight from Obicex:

“We are researchers, we are university professors. We have realized that this society needs that our citizens are empowered a little more than what is happening today, as people end up college to get a nice title and end up unemployed because the market does not absorb them. There is a reality that we must keep in sight, and it is that or we begin to be competitive, or we will always be cultivating the field and taking care of horses or serving coffee. It is true that new technology makes a spectacular niche market; what we want is that through actions of training, we train people, we empower them, to embrace and begin to structure these new market niches, so that it becomes a well-structured industry.”

“We started with this training cycle of Augmented Reality and Gamification and that connects with video games, which is the way to get people’s attention, but when our students begin to do the course, they realize that there are other possibilities beyond the videogames. The game is a great industry with virtually unlimited ceiling; it is also true that many people now come together to do it, and this saturates the market. So we believe that if people begin to realize about it and we re-orient them in other directions, such as creating interactive movies, educational or training videos, these instruments will connect very well with people because these will generate experience and will convey very well what you want to communicate.”

“We started with this specialized training cycle of higher level, but now we pretend to cover the entire catalog of professions associated with these technologies. Now the drones’ pilot course has become very fashionable. So we observe this course to pilot drones, and we ask ourselves: Why is not anybody taking care of doing the course of drones pilot, the course of mechanical of drones, the course of drone tuner, the course of marketing services for drones, the course of designer services for drones? With it, you start giving many services that can reach other audiences of our society that somehow, due to the situation that we have come through, are out of the market, such as people 45 or 50 years old, thanks to this kind of unfolding catalog, you offer an opportunity to enter the labor market in a qualified manner. This is what we intend through this foundation, which is very young; it was established in 2015, and it has started this activity, which is very successful. If we’re lucky and we are successful, we can get to help many people to find a new qualified professional opportunity that will benefit us all.”

“We started in Spanish. Now we have to see where people are interested or if it is more convenient for our citizens to start building and structuring this industry, and from there we consider that English is inevitably necessary, and we will have to incorporate it, but we do not want it to be a requirement from the very beginning, because we thought that if we did that, it could be a barrier to groups of people to which we want to approach, as are over 45 years old people, and boys or girls in social exclusion risk. If we get our students to understand that if when they are getting trained we incorporate English language it will be an added value for them, that will improve their concurrence capability, we can leave them more or less on track and well oriented; nevertheless, if we introduce English language from the beginning, we believe it could lead to a rejection, that we do not want.”

“When an unemployed person approaches us, we try to build her a speech to try to understand what her vocations are, because to build us a comfort zone in our society, many of us live imitating the behavior of older people, and at certain ages, we begin to realize that maybe if we had been more open, if we run away from that comfort zone, we had tried other professions more aligned with our vocation, something that we have never discovered, and we would be happier and better built people.”

“People who come to us, over 45, 50 or 30 years old, -we do not expel anyone-, we see if through dialogue, with a well-founded explanation, we are able to align what may be their hidden vocations, discovered or fully manifested to connect with those areas of these new technologies to build a very motivated person, so that the final product will make an empowered person, a person capable and competitive to allow us to improve their current situation.”

“We try to manage different resources. The upper cycle has a lower price, which allows us to obtain funds for activities of the foundation, which is a non-profit, so that those who can afford it will help those who cannot afford it.”


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