Texas Medical Center (TMC)

The Texas Medical Center (TMC) is home to the largest concentration of medical professional and experts anywhere in the world. Collectively, the Texas Medical Center is the largest employer in Houston. The most recent figures show that there are currently 50,000 life science students studying at TMC institutions, and 5,700 researchers, with an additional 17,500 faculty who educate the next generation of health professionals.  The Library plays a vital role for the institutions inhabiting the 1,345 square acre campus that is the TMC.

TMC Library




Institutional Repositories (IRs) can be used to bring together all of an institution’s research under one umbrella, preserving and providing a common access point to that institution’s published research, and making unpublished materials discoverable as well.

DigitalCommons@TMC accepts working papers, conference papers, presentations, dissertations and theses, and articles (in accordance with copyright restrictions) and also accommodates images, data, video, and other formats.

It is an open-access resource, with almost all full-text content available to the public.


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