Varkey Foundation

The Varkey Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established to improve the standards of education for underprivileged children throughout the world.  Our mission is that every child should have a good teacher.  We do this through building teacher capacity, advocacy campaigns to promote excellence in teaching practice at the highest levels of policy making and providing grants to partner organisations that offer innovative solutions in support of our mission.

Global Teacher Prize

The Varkey Foundation launched the Global Teacher Prize in 2014 to raise the stature of the teaching profession. We seek to celebrate the best teachers — those who inspire their students and community around them. The Foundation believes that vibrant education awakens and supports the full potential of young people. The status of teachers in our cultures is key to our global future.

Winner 2017

Varkey Ambassador Program

Varkey Teacher Ambassadors is a community of role models who promote best practice in education. We believe there are no better-suited people than our Top 50 finalists to be the front line in building a better future in education for all.

Through this programme they will be able to share their experiences, access information on projects and opportunities for involvement in education initiatives. More than anything, it allows new friendships to form and for channels of collaboration to open up.

Global Teacher Status Index

The Global Teacher Status index is the world’s first comprehensive attempt to compare the status of teachers across the world. It is based on in-depth opinion by Populus in 21 countries that explores the attitudes on issues ranging from what is a fair salary for teachers to whether they think pupils respect teachers to how highly people rank their own education system. There have been many international comparisons in education, but this the first time that the role of teacher status has been studied in-depth.

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