Video editors & platforms

Collection of free video editors and video converters.


Easily trim, crop, resize, and convert videos.

Special access for educators:

Try it for free.


Designed to be intuitive to use, AndroMedia is fully featured video editing program for creating professional looking videos in minutes. Making movies has never been easier.


Un paquete de software para crear video-animaciones en línea (#DIY). Con versión gratuita disponible.


Everything you need to turn ordinary photos and video clips into rich videos.



Bandicam Screen Recorder is a lightweight screen recorder for windows that can capture anything
on your PC screen as high-quality video.
Bandicam can record everything on your computer screen and save it as video files(AVI, MP4) or image files (BMP, PNG, JPG). To record your computer screen, choose the ‘Screen Recording’ mode of Bandicam.


Free video maker: Make animation completely online in minutes.


Con Camtasia, es muy sencillo grabar y crear vídeos totalmente profesionales en Windows y en Mac. Versión de prueba gratuita.


Create rich multimedia experiences with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents.


Create stunning moving photos. Instantly share as GIF or video to TUMBLR, Twitter, Facebook.


Discuss design and video pieces visually, track changes and prototype together with your team and your clients.


CrazyTalk Animator 3 (CTA3) is the animation solution that enables all levels of users to create professional animations and presentations with the least amount of effort. With CTA3, anyone can instantly bring an image, logo, or prop to life by applying bouncy Elastic Motion effects. For the character part, CTA3 is built with 2D character templates, vast motion libraries, a powerful 2D bone rig editor, facial puppets, and audio lip-syncing tools to give users unparalleled control when animating 2D talking characters for videos, web, games, apps, and presentations. 30-day trial.



Wax is a high performance and flexible video compositing and special effects software. The idea for Wax is to be very general purpose and flexible in video compositing and effects, so that you can compose your dream video sequence with ease everytime.


Debugmode FrameServer is an open source plugin which will allow NLEs to do FrameServing, Image Sequence export and AudioServing.


WinMorph is a high performance morphing and warping software. With over a million downloads and much more distributed through PC magazines and their CDROMs, WinMorph enjoys a very wide userbase, have been used in movies, roadshows and other projects.


The most advanced and easiest telepromter ever.


The easiest way to engage your students with videos.
Pick a video, add your magical touch and track your students’ understanding.


Explee is a cloud based animated video app, meaning you can create and display your animated videos from your laptop, tablet or smartphone and always have the latest version of your work at your fingertips. 14-day free trial.


Flipagram es la manera más fácil de hacer presentaciones y videos con fotografías en tu móvil o app.


Make high-quality video for your business, YouTube, special occasion, or fun. Get started for free.


Clips Video Editor:

The simplest video editor in the world.

Download for free on the Apple Store:


Fraps is a universal Windows application that can be used with games using DirectX or OpenGL graphic technology.  In its current form Fraps performs many tasks and can best be described as:

Benchmarking Software – Show how many Frames Per Second (FPS) you are getting in a corner of your screen.  Perform custom benchmarks and measure the frame rate between any two points.  Save the statistics out to disk and use them for your own reviews and applications.

Screen Capture Software – Take a screenshot with the press of a key!  There’s no need to paste into a paint program every time you want a new shot.  Your screen captures are automatically named and timestamped.

Realtime Video Capture Software – Have you ever wanted to record video while playing your favourite game?  Come join the Machinima revolution!  Throw away the VCR, forget about using a DV cam, game recording has never been this easy!  Fraps can capture audio and video up to 7680×4800 with custom frame rates from 1 to 120 frames per second!

Want to try Fraps out on your own machine? Head on over to the free Download page.


Convert video free to AVI, MP4, WMV, MKV, 3GP, DVD, MP3, iPad, iPhone, PSP, Xbox, Android phones. Video to MP3 with one click! Rip & burn DVD. Convert YouTube to MP3, MP4, AVI, etc.


Create a photo or video slideshow, wizard style, and embed it into any web page that accepts HTML or publish it as an RSS feed. It is also fully compatible with several CMS programs like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, TypePad, vBulletin, Ning, Blogger, MediaWiki, Weebly, WordPress MU and Buddy Press.


Easily Capture and Share Student Work: Create videos in the classroom with Shadow Puppet Edu.


Interactive video

An HTML5-based interactive video content type allowing users to add multiple choice and fill in the blank questions, pop-up text and other types of interactions to their videos using only a web browser. Make your videos more engaging with H5P and interactive video in publishing systems like Canvas, Brightspace, Blackboard, Moodle and WordPress.


Take pictures, edit your movie and export 1080p & 720p HD videos to your device or directly to Youtube.


iMovie para iOS y macOS te ayuda a sacar el cineasta que llevas dentro. Busca entre tus vídeos para crear tráilers y películas en una asombrosa resolución 4K. Además, puedes empezar a editar en el iPhone o el iPad y acabar en el Mac.


Create stop-motion movies from webcam snap shots. Add an mp3 soundtrack. Export as a .flv video for upload to YouTube.


Kaltura Blog:

With the mission to power any video experience, Kaltura’s online video platform is deployed globally across thousands of enterprises, media companies, service providers, and educational institutions, leveraging video to teach, learn, collaborate, communicate, and entertain.


Krut is a screencast tool that is written in Java and well suited for making video tutorials (instructional videos) on most platforms. Krut records movie files, including sound, of selected parts of your screen. The files use the quicktime mov format. The program has an intuitive and compact user interface.


Just select videos and photos, and Magisto will turn them into beautiful edited movies, complete with music and effects, in minutes.


Beautiful Slide Show Maker App for your Android and iOS Device.
Create Stunning movie from your photos easily.



Create Engaging Video Lessons. Surprisingly Simple Video Learning Management.


MindBites is your place on the web to find, publish and sell valuable video instructional content.


Make screenshots. Draw on it.
Shoot video and share your files.
It’s fast, easy and free.


Build your own video library by importing videos from YouTube, Google Drive or Dropbox. An advanced video player interface helps you to control complete playlists and take notes as easily as possible. All of your notes link back to the appropriate place in the videos and are collected into one central place. Share your video playlists with your friends, class mates or family members. Ask public questions related to a video and get answers from the community. Import any YouTube playlist or video. You can also import videos from Google Drive or Dropbox.


Easily create animated videos and other multimedia content.


Create your simpleshow explainer video in minutes. Teach the world. Use mysimpleshow in the classroom with your students or contribute to open educational resources. Introduce, summarize, and explain topics worth sharing.

If you aim to promote your product or service, train your employees, or need to motivate your team, a simpleshow explainer video will help you shine. You can use it for training, change management, or any form of corporate communication.


Snap three pictures. Add captions. Choose graphics. And let Nutshell turn it all into a shareable cinematic story.


Opencast is a flexible, reliable, and scalable open-source video-capture, -management, and -distribution system for academic institutions, built by a community of developers from leading universities and organizations worldwide.


Have you ever wanted to customize an online video by adding your own comments or subtitles in any language, or wanted to send a custom video postcard?

All of this is possible with Overstream: using our online Overstream Editor, you can easily create and synchronize your subtitles to any online video*, store them on the Overstream server, and send the link to the subtitled video overstream to your friends.


Advert is the simple platform for creating and sharing interactive, web-native video experiences. Just drag&drop your clips to create seamless, personalized videos in which viewers can interact and choose their own paths as they watch. No coding, no download.


Unleash Interactive Video: Deeply engage learners and accountably measure understanding.


Create fun avatars, share your emotions, add a plot and press play – it’s that simple! Plotagon is a free 3D video making app that makes your stories come to life. Express yourself with a plot and share with the world!


Add interactivity, text, photos, maps and other interactive features to your video or audio slideshow.


Create animated videos and presentations. As easy as Powerpoint!

The PowToon Blog: Everything on how to grab attention.


Promo is an online video maker that gives you everything you need to make high-performing videos. With Promo, you can also edit videos online like a pro no matter your experience. You can easily trim, design, compress and edit videos with features like adding subtitles and royalty-free music, adding your logo, resizing for social channels, and more. Demo version available with 5 free projects.


Make an Awesome Explainer Video Today. It’s Free.


Screencastify is a simple video screen capture software for Chrome. Just press record and the content of your tab, webcam or desktop is recorded.


These screen capture tools help you easily create, edit and communicate with videos and images. Simple and intuitive tools to share your ideas. Record and edit for free.

Video tutorial:


Our first experimental app helps you create bite-sized video nuggets everyone can learn from.


Create studio-quality video in minutes.


The best video editor for the iPhone is now free.


Make beautiful movies using your photos and videos. Tell your story with text, maps.

TAGG.LY is an app for quickly adding name, logo, location, and timestamp to your photos and videos.


Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated video called a Gami.

ThingLink is an interactive media platform that empowers publishers, educators, brands, and bloggers to create more engaging content by adding rich media links to photos and videos. Basic version is available for free.

Thinglink for Education:

Discover, create and share interactive images and videos. It helps students to develop 21st century skills and enrich their enthusiasm for learning. Free version for students.

TouchCast is a new medium that looks like video, but feels like the web.


Collect All Thoughts During Online Video Surfing.



Vibby is the simplest way to repurpose existing video for the classroom and other educational environments. It’s free, easy-to-use, and powerful.


VideoAnt is a web-based video annotation tool for mobile and desktop devices. Use VideoAnt to add annotations, or comments, to web-hosted videos.

VideoAnt supports annotation of any publicly accessible video file or YouTube video.

VideoAnt-annotated videos are called “Ants”. Create a user account to create and save collections of Ants. Authenticated users can manage their Ants from their account dashboard, otherwise known as their “Ant Farm”.



This is the best way to create Video Collages & share with your friends on your mobile. Available for iOS and Android Devices.



The easiest way to take notes synchronized with videos!


Vizify turns your social media data into interactive infographics, videos, and more.


Vyclone automatically and intuitively syncs video taken on your phone with footage taken by others around the same happening.


Create videos anywhere. For K-12 and Higher Ed.


The world’s first taggable video tool. Start adding tags to moving people and objects now.


See measurable results from your videos (and podcasts, too) with a complete hosting platform. You can try it for free.


Not everyone is a video creator, but with WorldTV you can be a video curator. With WorldTV, you can curate your own full-screen web TV channel in seconds. You can embed your channel in other websites, share updates to your channel via Twitter and Facebook, and brand and promote your channel to a global audience.

YOUTUBE-MP3.ORG es la forma más fácil de servicios en línea para la conversión de videos a mp3. No es necesario ningún tipo de registro, lo único que necesitas es la dirección URL de YouTube. Una vez introducida la dirección del vídeo, convertiremos su audio en un archivo .mp3 el cual podrás empezar descargar inmediatamente. A diferencia de otros servicios, este es un proceso que se realiza en nuestros servidores, por lo que no se precisa de ningún programa adicional. Debido a esto nuestro software es independiente al sistema operativo que utilices: Puedes utilizarlo con tu Mac, el PC con Linux, o incluso un iPhone.


Zeega is the easiest way to create and share interactive videos.


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