Katy Jordan

MOOC Completion Rates: The Data


Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have the potential to enable free university-level education on an enormous scale. A concern often raised about MOOCs is that although thousands enrol for courses, a very small proportion actually complete the course. The release of information about enrollment and completion rates from MOOCs appears to be ad hoc at the moment – that is, official statistics are not published for every course. This data visualisation draws together information about enrollment numbers and completion rates from across online news stories and blogs.



This blog is authored by Katy Jordan. The purpose of this blog: I have found, whilst using MOOCs, that I’ve been learning not just about the topic at hand, but also (with my e-learning research hat on) about the nature of MOOCs. The purpose of this blog is not to evaluate the courses or talk about the course material per se, but to jot down my reflections on interesting issues about using MOOCs which I’ve encountered through my participation as a student. I expect to write a post after each course I’ve completed.



An exploratory introduction to Web Science.

The Molecular Basis of Photosynthesis


This tool is an online tutorial designed to demonstrate the key molecules involved in the process of photosynthesis, and help you to understand the key events in photosynthesis at the molecular level.

The history of Technology Enhanced Learning



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