Adobe Journal


Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud Adobe tutorials from novice to expert.

Adobe Color CC

Herramienta de rueda cromática que permite crear temas cromáticos y explorar los ya existentes.

Adobe Voice

Turn your story into a stunning animated video. In minutes. Just talk to tell your story. Say it one line at a time, with touch recording. Voice will make you sound amazing. Communicate visually. Instantly. Pick from thousands of beautiful, iconic images to show your ideas. Then choose the perfect look. Watch your ideas come alive. Voice automatically makes your story move, with cinema-quality animation. Just press play.

Growing Digital

For a secure future, your students need to not only speak the language of digital, but they have to be well versed in it. Read Growing Digital and learn how you can give your students the skills to create opportunities that will pay dividends long after graduation.

InDesign documents online

Competency_based Micro-Credentials for Educators: Powerful Lessons from Two Years in the Field

Teaching Matters has tested the use of micro-credentials at scale in three different teacher leadership programs during the past 18 months.


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