HBCU CONNECT was founded in 1999 by Hampton University graduate William Roger Moss III, who connected with fellow HBCU grad and entrepreneur E. Shawn Starks to create the first African American targeted social network launched as “hbcu-central.com”. We simply thought it would be a great idea to provide a useful social network for HBCU graduates with the capability to upload photos!

Back then there were no social networks around with member profiles for college students or graduates so we set out on our mission to serve this audience!

As you may have already guessed, everyone on our team has been intimately involved in the HBCU Experience in some form or fashion. Either being a graduate of an HBCU, having children that attend an HBCU, or being dipped in HBCU Sauce, courtesy of our founder, “Flats” on ther right… 😉

We focus on serving the needs of our audience by providing a platform for networking, professional opportunities, educational opportunities and connections with the saavy organizations that are looking to hire from or brand themselves with this tight knit community… We are the best at what we do for several reasons, but mostly because we really CARE about those we serve and the future of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities.


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