A Teacher’s Evolving Mind



Why this does space exist?
Teachers of color face a dilemma: we know–more than anyone, the urgent need for change–we get that the status-quo screws our kids. But at the same time we also see a reform movement that “has all the answers” and doesn’t want or value our experience and insights from working with marginalized communities.
If we want to be heard, on our terms, then when must create our own spaces.

Teachers United


Teachers United was founded in 2011 by teachers in Washington state and is supported by local teachers, parents, students, community members and foundations.  We are proud to say that Teachers United is run and governed by teachers who share the belief that every student deserves an excellent teacher.



EduColor seeks to elevate the voices of public school advocates of color on educational equity and justice. We are an inclusive cooperative of informed, inspired and motivated educators, parents, students, writers and activists who promote and embrace the centrality of substantive intersectional diversity.


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