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Best practice guide: Online Communities:

Online Communities is a multipart series that guides marketers through the construction, upkeep, and leverage of a digital community. The four reports in this series aim to help marketers learn the best ways to conduct conversations across multiple platforms, understand the utility of email marketing, gather feedback, offer support, and, finally, convert community members into buyers.

Part One: Starting a Community

This first report in the series, published in January 2012, explores the foundational concepts of community, the advantages for companies who take the time to build them, and the preliminaries of using the largest community-facilitation digital services.

Part Two: Engaging Your Community Across Multiple Platforms

The second report, published in April 2012, uses detailed case studies to demonstrate how brands can connect with an audience across multiple social media sites.

Part Three: Growing the Community

The third report, published in August 2012, uncovers how email marketing – the “digital glue” of new media – can be used to grow your community.

Part Four: Leveraging the Community

The fourth (and final) report, published in January 2013, explores the return on community building.


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