Sound of text

Allowing you to download the MP3 audio from Google Translate. Simply type what you want to hear – up to 100 characters – and hit submit.

How to use this tool for training? Here are some suggestions:

  • Send your students mp3 files with summaries, main concepts, review of a subject, extra activities…
  • Invite your students to save their own summaries of the subjects in mp3 format, so they can listen to them when going to class in the subway.
  • Send mp3 files to your students to remember them the agenda of activities of your course.
  • Create mp3 files to add them to a picture or video, in order to complete the content to be shown or sent to your students.
  • Invite your students to group in work teams to create a video with images and mp3 files related to a concrete subject.
  • Organize your own tasks by sending yourself mp3 files with TODO lists.
  • Any other use that could facilitate your students’ tasks!

How to use this tool for elearning production? 

  • If you need to translate an elearning course, just type the text in the original language, then use the Google translator and include the new MP3 file in the tranlated course.

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