Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.

Why Computer Science for Every Child?’s founder, Hadi Partovi, talks about the organization’s work, and shares how computer science touched him enough to dedicate his life to bringing computer science education to every student, in every school.

Cracking the code: Push to teach computer science in classrooms

Several leading names in the tech industry are urging California Gov. Jerry Brown to make a meaningful investment in computer science education. Michelle Miller reports on why it’s part of a nationwide campaign to broaden access to computer programming training.

The Hour of Code

La Hora del Código es un movimiento global, que llega a decenas de millones de estudiantes en más de 180 países. Cualquier persona, en cualquier lugar del mundo puede organizar una Hora del Código. Los tutoriales, de una hora de duración, están disponibles en más de 30 idiomas. No se necesita experiencia. Para edades entre 4 y 104 años.

Middle School CS in Science has partnered with the award-winning Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically) to deliver a middle school science program consisting of four instructional modules and professional development for the introduction of computer science concepts into science classrooms within the context of modeling and simulation.

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