Stevens Institute of Technology

Founded in 1870 by America’s First Family of Inventors — who patented steam ferries and the modern form of railroad track, among many other inventions — technological innovation has remained the hallmark of Stevens’ education and research programs ever since.

Center for Innovation in Engineering and Science Education

Our mission ignites our work: To inspire, nurture and educate leaders for tomorrow’s technology-centric environment while contributing to the solutions of the most challenging problems of our time.

Instructional Materials

K-12 Curricula

CIESE sponsors and designs multidisciplinary STEM curricula that educators throughout the world can use. These compelling lessons and projects promote problem-based learning, collaboration, higher order thinking skills, and critical analysis through the integration of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and other core subjects.

Educational Resources

  • K-12 Engineering Resources: Links for activities, lessons, career information, and more
  • Ask An Expert : Suitable for all grades the Ask an Expert Page provides links to experts in a number of different categories. This site offers a quick one-step process for finding experts in any field.
  • Real Time Data: Many of our online classroom projects use real time data sites that are difficult to find. This page contains links to some of the most compelling Internet web sites for educational use. These include a host of sites that have real time weather, air, water, and satellite information that could enhance traditional classroom lessons.
  • Primary Sources: Here you can find links to sites with primary source information. View original and historical diaries, letters, photographs, maps, audio recordings and much more.
  • Resources for Identifying Pseudo-Science: Here you will find links for educators about debunking urban legends, pseudo-science rhetoric, and other science misconceptions.

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