ETEC 510: Design wiki

This is the eighth iteration of the Design wiki, a collaborative knowledge base that has been entirely authored by ETEC510 students. You will be responsible for building on the ETEC 510 knowledge base by creating a stop motion artifact for one of the very specific sub-headings. Stop motion artifact is a technique that uses individual images of static objects in rapid succession so that they appear to be moving. Consider how the addition of a stop motion artifact can enhance this community knowledge building space, and the kind of information that can be uniquely contributed through the affordances offered by stop motion artifact.

You are responsible for creating one dynamic and informative 2-5 minute stop motion artifact for the wiki. Originality, resourcefulness, and creativity are encouraged. The ETEC 510 Wiki is an ongoing project in ETEC 510, and students from the previous ten iterations of the course have contributed to the content on the wiki. Your stop motion artifact will be available to future students in the course.

This Wikispace is a shared resource that will continue to evolve as students post more content relating to ETEC 510. The Media/Education/Design wiki takes the form of an online set of entries that follow the standard Wikipedia encyclopedia entry genre. Wikipedia represents an important contemporary example of how a specific medium and a particular environment intersect in such a way as to enable the most prolific and significant example to-date of public knowledge production that blurs the boundaries between producers and consumers. At present, the design Wiki is primarily text-based, with some entries incorporating photographs and links to outside media. The ETEC 510 Stop Motion Artifact assignment requires you to add visually-designed knowledge to the ETEC 510 WIKI.


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