University of Cambridge

Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies

We’re here to support the work of researchers, teachers and their students: from enabling worldwide study of ancient manuscripts, to helping children through emotional problems, to bringing to light the evolution of plants.

The naked Scientist

Podcasts, Science News, Experiments, Articles, Materials Science, Science Forum, Interviews and Questions.

The Cambridge Student

The Cambridge Student is a free weekly newspaper distributed to the staff and students of the University of Cambridge. It is written and edited entirely by a team of volunteers. The Cambridge Student prides itself on being an inclusive organisation. We try not to patronise, and the newspaper’s aim is to deliver the best in student journalism. We are the only student publication in Cambridge to have dedicated pages to theatre, film and music.

Cambridge University Press

Unlocking potential with the best learning and research solutions.


Cambridge Journals

At Cambridge University Press, we currently publish more than 360 peer-reviewed academic journals covering subjects across the humanities, social sciences and science, technology and medicine.

Behavioral and Brain Sciences

An International Journal of Current Research and Theory with Open Peer Commentary.

Cambridge English

World of Better Learning (Blog)

The World of Better Learning represents thousands of experiences, insights, tips and tools for language teachers. Share your insights to expand it even further.

The Digital Teacher (Beta)

Embrace the opportunities that technology brings for you and your learners. Help and inspire them to learn effectively with digital tools and resources.

Online Language Learning Research Network (OLLReN)

Laureate International Universities and Cambridge University Press are setting up a virtual research institute to support research around the world into online language learning (OLL).

The Laureate-Cambridge Online Language Learning Research Network – OLLReN – will combine the expertise and experience of both organizations. Cambridge and Laureate have developed hugely successful cutting-edge online and blended programs for English language. From their experience, they have identified the need for increased research into this area of education.

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